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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our frequently asked questions for any queries you may have. If you still have any questions please contact us on 0800 STAGERS or

As a general rule No, our staging items are new and/or unused and if persons were to live in the property this is no longer the case for our items.
As a general rule, No, as the time involved around planning an amalgamation may involve an increase in cost to you. Our clients pay for our time and expertise in achieving a product that best suits the house and not so much the amount of furniture, these are our tools and working with other peoples tools can make the job harder and may not achieve the optimum result. Some of your items may however be suitable such as bed bases, lounges, dining sets etc as long as they are suited to the room in colours, size and style.
At this time we specialise with staging homes. Apartment staging is something we may undertake in the future.
Homestaging is an absolute art, very few have the gift, please trust in our proven ability in creating a product that suits the house.   The House Whisperers take a great deal of pride in their finished product and put their name to it, a product that is viewed by many agents and potential buyers so a perfect product is paramount to us.
As per question 4. Please trust our expertise of our design artist.
Please follow the Facebook link or feed to see some of our current work and follow the links to Trademe.
Our staging period is for up to 5 weeks, this period always commences the following Monday after installation. The staging period is deemed to be over upon a sale being achieved whether this is after 1 day or anytime within the 5 weeks. There is no refund given for a shorter period. Our clients pay for the planning and initial set-up to achieve that sale goal.
Pricing is based on the house size, ie number of rooms, types of rooms, and access, ie number of levels, access into the house and distance from our furniture trucks into the house.
The property must be neat clean and tidy inside and out prior to installation.
All work must be completed on the property inside and out prior to installation, we are the icing on the cake.
As artists we need our creative space and require exclusive uninterupted access to allow us to concentrate on building our creative product. We will call you when nearly completed so you can view it with us and be Wowed!
Yes however the building must be insured.